Welcome to Belong!

We are a little online shop with a big heart for adoption.

We started Belong with the hopes to raise funds for our own adoption. (You can read more about our journey on our blog - thecolemancollective.com!) As we saw all the potential in the shop, we began dreaming of how it could grow and touch the lives of others. It was easy to see that Belong was a practical way to meet some of the financial needs, not only of ourselves, but of other adoptive families! Our heart is to grow the community around adoption, spread awareness and tangibly meet needs by giving a percentage of monthly proceeds to adoptive families as they wait to bring home their newest addition! 

Why Belong?

We chose the name Belong shortly after opening up shop. Dear friends had a copy of the book, You Belong Here, on their coffee table and we fell in love. (You can now purchase this sweet book in our shop!) The word means "to be in a proper situation" and how fitting is that in the context of family and adoption? It pulled at our heart strings and we knew it was a perfect fit for our shop as we strive to help families fit together and BELONG together.